Google Tracking: Mobile Privacy

As investigative reporter Danielle Serino with WKYC 3 Cleveland probes the question of Google Tracking and mobile privacy, Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin weighs in with analysis of a mobile device.

Many people have become accustomed to carrying their mobile phone with them at all times and the phone performing functions far more than making and receiving calls. Even people who say that the device "spies" on them can be surprised when confronted with data from their devices, showing just how much information about them is held in the hands of third parties.

Serino provided Curtin a mobile phone for analysis. Using techniques commonly available on data available to service providers such as Google and Apple, Curtin created a map showing the phone's user's pattern of behavior, including locations and timing, and how correlation with other data would allow for higher-order conclusions such as location of home and work.

What do third parties do with such data? Under what circumstances do they share the data with others? For what purpose?

About Danielle Serino

Danielle Serino is the Investigative Consumer Reporter for WKYC. She is an Emmy Award winning anchor and investigative reporter who graduated Northwestern University. She has worked in major news markets including Miami, Chicago and New York.

About Interhack

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