HIPAA Security HyperRule

Welcome to the HIPAA Security HyperRule. We hope that you find it convenient and useful.This guide provides gentle access to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule. This Web copy of the Security Rule is in beta form, so we're interested in hearing feedback. Please mail our webmaster if you find any issues that need correction.

Starting Points

There are several ways you can proceed.

  • See the high level description of the HyperRule.
  • Use the matrix (or table) of requirements as an outline of the needed steps.
  • Skip a bunch of the definitions, legalese, and commentary and take a look at the heart of the rules.
  • Read a web-friendly, complete version of the Security Rule.
  • Read the actual Rule, as published in the Federal Register (forty-nine pages in three columns with a small font).