Incident Management

The art and science of handling high-impact exceptions to normal operations.

As the need for security has become visible, organizations have learned of the need to be able to identify and to respond to security incidents.

Interhack offers options to help you identify and to address your organization's needs in the management of incidents. We offer three.

Interhack can help you ensure that you do not make the incident worse.

Incident Response

        When you need Interhack to conduct direct action operations. You tell us where you want to be and our scope of authority, and we take care of the rest.

Incident Response Planning

        When you want to build, to maintain, or to improve your own response capability, Interhack's response team works with yours to ensure that your plans are in order.

Incident Exercise

        Interhack conduct exercises with your team to ensure that they know the plan, can execute the plan , and can learn from mistakes made during its execution. We offer a range of options, from introductory seminars through full-scale exercises that test the whole organization's crisis management capability.

Talk with us about your interest and we will be happy to show you how we have helped others to get where you want to be.