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News 2004

Interhack news from the year 2004.

November 22, 2004
Bill Anderson works with WBNS-10TV to help Central Ohio computer users ferret out spyware.
November 12, 2004
The Ohio Health Information Management Association will hold its HIPAA Security seminar near downtown Columbus, including a presentation by Interhack's Matt Curtin
November 11, 2004
Continuing its support of local information security education and development, Interhack will present at the INFOSEC Forum VI entitled, “Making Security Work.”
November 10, 2004
Healthcare IT News publishes an interview with Interhack's Matt Curtin.
November 10, 2004
Interhack, Mallory & Tsibouris Announce HIPAA Security Seminars to offer attendees legal and information security guidance on implementing HIPAA Security Rule in November.
October 29, 2004
Interhack will exhibit at the Ohio State Medical Association 2004 Practice Management Symposium.
October 28, 2004
The University of Findlay will host its annual Information Assurance forum, with Matt Curtin speaking on the fall of the Data Encryption Standard, WiFi network security, and spyware.
October 28, 2004
Matt Curtin will talk about intrusion detection technology at part of the SATO Leadership Council.
October 22, 2004
Matt Curtin will present at the Privacy Foundation's October 2004 Privacy Developments seminar.
October 20, 2004
The Cincinnati Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors considered a discussion of spyware, how it works, and how to defeat it.
October 14, 2004
Interhack announces the opening of the INFOSEC Forum, a web portal designed to facilitate better coordination of various information security initiatives in the Ohio region.
September 20, 2004
Interhack's Matt Curtin will discuss battling spam with message authentication at the eWEEK Anti-Spam eSeminar.
July 21, 2004
“Spying on Spyware” will be the topic of the July 2004 meeting of the Central Ohio Chapter of the ISSA. Interhack's Matt Curtin will present.
July 20, 2004
Interhack's Matt Curtin will present security as an economic matter at the first Security Work Group Meeting at the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio.
June 30, 2004
Matt Curtin will discuss rational security management at Security and Technology Online.
June 9-11, 2004
Interhack at IAPP TRUSTe Symposium: Privacy Futures.
May 13-14, 2004
Interhack exhibits at the Emerging Trends in Fraud conference in Columbus.
May 5, 2004
Interhack will be at the Central Ohio INFOSEC Forum in Columbus.
May 4, 2004
Interhack, Mallory & Tsibouris Announce HIPAA Security Seminars to offer attendees legal and information security guidance on implementing HIPAA Security Rule in June and July.
April 26, 2004
Interhack's Matt Curtin presents, “Planning to Fail: Continuing to Get It Wrong” as part of Security Week at The Ohio State University.
April 14, 2004
Matt Curtin lectures on forensic computing at the University of Findlay.
March 29-31, 2004
Interhack proudly sponsors the 24th Ohio Health Information Management Association annual meeting, showcasing its HIPAA Security compliance offerings.
March 23-25, 2004
Interhack's Pete Ware presents HIPAA Security training in New York City, preparing attendees to sit for the Certified HIPAA Security Professional examination.
March 23, 2004
Matt Curtin will present, “The Business Case for Security” at the Columbus Board of Realtors' Tech User Forum.
March 17, 2004
Interhack's Matt Curtin sits on a panel of experts, discussing identity management.
March 9, 2004
In conjunction with the Central Ohio chapter of ISSA, Interhack presents its seminar on HIPAA Security Rule Implementation.
February 27, 2004
OHIO for EDI, the not-for-profit OHIO HIPAA Implementation Organization, elects Interhack's Matt Curtin to its Board of Directors.
February 18, 2004
William Paul Vrotney and Interhack release new and upgraded tools for programmers.
January 1, 2004
Introductory pricing on HIPAA Compliance Programs extended to February 29, 2004.
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