COVID-19 Tracking Privacy

ABC 6 On Your Side's Consumer Investigator Jesse Pagan looks into privacy implications of COVID-19 tracking enabled by mobile phone.

Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin talks about the application program interfaces (APIs) being introduced into mobile operating system platforms, the applications meant to work with them, and privacy consequences.

Nothing is free, argues Curtin, and if technology in practice has shown us anything is that it will fail in ways that surprise us.

About Jesse Pagan

Jesse Pagan is ABC 6 On Your Side's Consumer Investigator, focusing on keeping you safe from scams, rip-offs, and recalls.

Jesse is an award-winning journalist. Before joining ABC 6 in March of 2019, he was a reporter at NBC2 in Fort Myers, Florida.

About Interhack

Columbus-based Interhack started as a privacy and security research group in 1997. Incorporated in 2000, the firm today has a nationwide practice that helps organizations balance risk, utility, and expense in technology, and to understand its use and meaning in legal proceedings. The firm is online at