Using Cell Phone Data to Defend Your Client

Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin presents at the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Drug Seminar on August 23, 2019.

Curtin's Using Cell Phone Data to Defend Your Client will be part of the seminar at the Dayton Art Institute.

The presentation covers four case studies from the speaker's practice involving the retrieval or use of data by government agencies.

  1. "Fingerblasting" phones on the scene rather than simply seizing the devices and waiting for warrants.
  2. Failure of data to confirm police suspicions leads to accusation of tampering.
  3. Analysis of cell phone tower records that improperly fail to account for conditions like obstruction that leads to absurd conclusions.
  4. Data created and held by third parties being withheld such that foundation of testimony is not available to defense scrutiny.

Curtin concludes with a plain language reading of the Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to invite participants to consider how practices square with bedrock principles of jurisprudence in a free society.

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