Spring Cleaning: Computers and Password Changes

Time for Spring Cleaning! What does that mean for your computer?

Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin discusses password changes, online account management, and other online safety tips with NBC 4 in Columbus.

Curtin advises periodic review of their computers and accounts to protect themselves better:

  1. Use unique passwords for each account,
  2. Use strong passwords (think of a phrase instead of a word, used Mixed Case and figures like 2 and symbols like @),
  3. Use multifactor authentication (password plus one-time code, or password plus SMS text, etc.), wherever supported,
  4. Actively empty and close accounts rather than just abandon them, and
  5. Eliminate unneeded accounts, apps, and so on.

About Interhack

Interhack is a computer expert and cybersecurity firm based in Columbus, Ohio. With a nationwide practice, the firm advises organizations, executives, and attorneys what data are available and how to make those most of them. Interhack is online at web.interhack.com.