Fourth and Fifth Amendment Issues in Data Retrieval By Governments

The Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer American Inn of Court in Columbus, Ohio, considers "Fourth- and Fifth-Amendment Issues Related to Electronic Devices" on May 8, 2019. Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin will present on "the defense perspective" of Data Retrieval by Governments.

In what promises to be an engaging and thorough treatment of a critical topic, Curtin will join the discussion by attorneys and law enforcement officials. Addressing issues ranging from the "foregone conclusion" doctrine in Fisher v. United States, 425 U.S. 391, (1976) to current practices in the retrieval by and use of data from third-party service providers, the evening will include legal and technical considerations.

Curtin's contributions will be based on his practice involving government agents acquiring or receiving data from third parties. He will consider questions regarding the validity of results based on the means of data acquisition, the means data analysis, and the training law enforcement officers receive for answering questions by attorneys. Returning to the foundation, Curtin asks the question where we're left in light of the language of the Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment.

About Interhack

Interhack is a computer expert firm based in Columbus, Ohio. The firm has been engaged in forensic analysis of data and presentation in courts throughout the United States for nineteen years. The firm's independent lab and its experts are often engaged by defense counsel in criminal matters, and counsel in civil matters where government crime labs are unable to engage. Interhack is online at