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Data Breach Notification

Interhack founder Matt Curtin will discuss breach notification laws as part of a panel discussion with TechColumbus and the Central Ohio ISSA.

TechTalk - Data Security and Public Breach Notification with the Central Ohio ISSA

TechColumbus is proud to partner with the Central Ohio ISSA and present an exceptionally timely seminar targeted toward C-level and Directors that are ultimately responsible for IT Security. Our expert panel will discuss Data Security and Public Breach Notification.

Since the introduction of State and Federal notification laws, there has been an increase of reported incidents focused on the loss and compromise of private personal information. How can firms of different size and resources find the appropriate blend of technology and human skills to protect their brand name, safe guard their assets, and find a suitable solution that supports the bottom line? No CEO wants this to be the reason their firm is the lead story on the 6 o'clock news.

Post mortem analysis in these cases often leads to findings such as, “It was bound to happen” and “The writing was on the wall.” What type of holistic approach reasonably mitigates the known risk?

The Central Ohio ISSA has assembled a panel of technology, legal, and privacy experts to discuss recent state and federal legislation regarding disclosure of incidents with regards to personal information. The panel will also describe how various organizations and businesses are adapting their processes, procedures, and technology to cope with this legislation.

Attendees will learn from experts in the Information Security industry about ways in which they can mitigate risks associated with handling of personal information and strategies for handling an incident should such a breach occur.

This event will be held at TechColumbus/Platform Lab 1275 Kinnear Rd in Columbus. TechColumbus and ISSA members will be registered at no charge, non-members for $25. For registration please see the TechColumbus website at for further information and registration.

About Interhack

Interhack is a pioneering professional services firm, active in security and privacy research, with a forensic computing practice that has been involved in cutting-edge litigation on electronic privacy matters.

Established in 2000, Interhack's forensic computing practice helps in-house counsel, incident response teams, law enforcement agencies and law firms establish and understand facts used in adjudication.


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