April 2007 CIO Solutions Gallery

Interhack continues its sponsorship of the CIO Solutions Gallery at The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business.

Interhack proudly continues its sponsorship of the CIO Solutions Gallery at the Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business. The April 2007 theme is “Industries in Transition: Lessons From Leaders Meeting Exponential Challenges.”

The total U.S. healthcare spending today has reached $2 trillion, or 16 percent of our gross domestic product. Yet in other large countries that percentage is noticeably less; however, these very same nations are also providing healthcare that is seen to be as good as, if not better than, that of the U.S. While clearly there are major opportunities for IT to play a significant role in improving the cost effective delivery of healthcare in this country, there are also potential pitfalls in doing so. What lessons can we all learn from this? In this session, successful leaders will share their stories.

This session is part of the nationally acclaimed CIO Solutions Gallery and this particular event is the first in a series of sessions that will highlight specific industries in transition, while also drawing parallels to other industries undergoing similar change.

This noted program was specifically designed by senior IT leaders to add value to senior IT leaders. Unlike many other offerings available today, this highly acclaimed new program is organized around CIO peer learning; i.e., learning from the experiences of others, and solving real-life problems collaboratively. This provocative series is targeted toward CIOs and/or senior executives in the technology and/or operations leadership community. It will help to build and foster an active and creative network of IT leaders/executives devoted to sharing best practices, renewing their skills on an ongoing basis, and raising the level of technical literacy within their organizations.

More information on the CIO Solutions Gallery Executive Education Program is available online at http://fisher.osu.edu/programs/executive-education/current-programs/cio-solutions-gallery/.

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