Matt Curtin to Speak at University of Findlay

Interhack will be presenting at the University of Findlay Information Assurance Forum.

Interhack founder Matt Curtin will present at the third annual information assurance forum at the University of Findlay on October 24, 2007. Curtin will deliver two presentations that day.

The Cost of Misappropriation

After a year of operation, the founders of a new and small company found themselves defending a lawsuit from their former employer alleging trade secret misappropriation. When the founders left their former company, they had some of the company's information on their laptop computers. Attorneys were hired to defend the new company against the suit and forensic computer analysts were retained by both sides to address the issue. In this presentation, we will consider the impact of copying information on the small company and how the problem could have been avoided.

Consultant Residue

When the State of Ohio lost a system backup, a significant effort was undertaken to identify and to review the data for personal information and to alert affected parties. The system backup was part of a state-wide ERP system being implemented by the consulting firm Accenture. As often happens with consultants, information was brought in to the project to reuse software that would be helpful for implementing the system and keeping costs down. Ohio's data assessment determined that some of the data brought in by consultants appeared to be sensitive information belonging to people and entities outside of Ohio. We will discuss how data can be moved inadvertently, the impact, and how data owners and consultants both can avoid the problem.

About the Information Assurance Forum

The Information Assurance Forum brings together University students, faculty, administrators, and outside experts to discuss Information Assurance, discussing how to meet the demand for qualified IA professionals.

About Interhack

Interhack is a forensic computing and information assurance firm based in Columbus, Ohio. With clients all over North America, Interhack offers Information Assurance professional services to many industries, including health care, financial services, and legal services. Interhack can be found on the web at