Computer Crime

Assessing computer data in criminal matters.

Computer systems including mobile phones collect and generate tremendous amounts of information used as evidence in the criminal justice system.

Results of engagements include dismissal of charges without admission of guilt or culpability by the defense. (Court of Common Pleas,  Jefferson County, Ohio, Case No.: 13-CR-228.)

Interhack's experts have experience in analysis of computer systems, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDAs), digital video recorders (DVRs), database records, and examiners' reports used in criminal prosecution and related matters that come up in civil, administrative, and military contexts throughout the United States.

Our work has been used in matters addressing charges such as murder, arson, assault, child pornography, theft, violation of diversion agreements, and fraud.

In such matters, we provide case assessment, advising counsel of what discovery shows, where there are gaps, and how the presented evidence can be understood. We also conduct independent forensic analysis of computer systems and data, ensuring that examiners' errors and omissions are discovered and addressed before or during trial.

As consulting experts we work behind the scenes and assist counsel in the development of questions for cross-examination and the correct presentation of computer data in argumentation. As testifying experts we provide expert reports and appear in hearings and trials.

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