Security and Privacy

Adjudicating cybersecurity and privacy issues.

When cybersecurity failure leads to adjudication, experts can help attorneys, judges, and juries understand the issues and how to resolve disputes. 

Recent cybersecurity expert engagements include St. Joseph Health System Medical Information Cases, Superior Court of the State of California, County of Orange, Judicial Council Coordinated Proceeding No. 4716, as well as Pharmatrak Privacy Litigation, United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit. 329 F.3d 9.

Our work is commonly used in data breaches, audit defense, and privacy litigation.

Interhack's cybersecurity experts have experience in addressing such issues as policy, procedure, and technology. With expertise in software, operating systems, networking, and cryptography, Interhack works not just with the general, but with the specifics of each case, the mechanism by which actions take place. With design, implementation, and function firmly established, the legal process is then free to proceed, applying the law to the facts of the case. 

Interhack's Internet Privacy Project was a pioneering effort to document design and implementation of web-based systems in the late 1990s, and ultimately led to publication of Interhack Founder Matt Curtin's book Developing Trust: Online Privacy and Security (Apress, 2001).

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