Competent Forensic Computing Practices

Matt Curtin addresses senior IT and business leaders at CIOhio in Columbus, Ohio on the topic Identifying Management Fraud and Forensics in the Twenty-First Century

On November 11, 2007, Interhack Founder and CEO Matthew Curtin addresses a gathering of senior level IT and business leaders at CIOhio at the Hilton Columbus at Easton in Columbus, Ohio to present Identifying Management Fraud and Forensics in the Twenty-First Century.


Following closely the recent surge of interest in computer forensics, vendors now offer a wide variety of tools that claim forensic capability. Gobs of money are spent on training people to make them "forensically qualified." But what do such terms mean, and what should practitioners know about forensic computing in order to be effective collectors and preservers of information critical for investigation?

Matt Curtin's presentation addresses these questions. He shows ways in which competent and experienced forensic computing expertise can support the legal process, and how doing so differs from the slam dunk methods utilized by some practitioners, as presented in the popular media.

About Interhack

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