Handling Electronic Information

Matt Curtin will speak at the Midwest Labor Law Conference in Columbus, Ohio on the topic of information, data, and metadata in litigation.

Matt Curtin will present on electronic information in litigation with Susan Hastings, labor and employment group leader of the firm Squire, Sanders, and Dempsey, LLP at the OSBA Midwest Labor Law Conference in Columbus on October 26, 2007. The session will be coordinated by Pam Krivda of the Krivda Law Offices in Columbus.

The presentation will include highlights from the recent updates to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on the handling of electronic information in discovery. Consideration will be given to information by comparison to data and metadata and how these differences can affect the use of information in litigation.

About Interhack

Interhack is a pioneering professional services firm, active in security and privacy research, with a forensic computing practice that has been involved in cutting-edge litigation on electronic privacy matters.

Established in 2000, Interhack's forensic computing practice helps in-house counsel, incident response teams, law enforcement agencies and law firms establish facts that can be used in litigation or criminal prosecution.