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Cracking the Code at Hawken Middle School

Cleveland, OH- C. Matthew Curtin, founder at Interhack, was a featured guest speaker at Hawken Middle School for Insights Week. Mr. Curtin was a part of the Science and Technology category in his lecture titled “Cracking the Code: The History and Science of Making and Keeping Secrets”.


He told the middle schoolers how cryptography works and spoke about his early experiences with cryptography. Specifically, on his experience on the 1997 DES challenege in the late 90's when he helped lead a team to break an encrypted message with the then government standard for data encryption, referencing his book Brute Force.


Insights Week lets students pick engaging and innovative courses of interest to them from different categories. Throughout the week, real world experiences and inquiry will strengthened skills of collaboration, synthesis of information, and critical thinking. Hawken Middles school is known for it's educational excellence and innovative programming.


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