Matt Curtin to present to local Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Matt Curtin to present to the Central Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (COACDL) February 27 on authenticating evidence to safeguard against faulty data.

Columbus, OH—Interhack founder Matt Curtin will be speaking to the Central Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (COACDL) on February 27. The topic of the presentation is based off of Mr. Curtin's publication “Integrity in Digital Evidence: Rendering Judgment on an Electronic Record.”  He'll be advising Criminal Defense Lawyers to authenticate their evidence to safeguard against faulty data.

Is there more than one way to read available information?

Adversarial analysis of the data can help to lead to a more complete understanding of available information. Do the data tell a story? Can the same data also tell another story? These questions are often more complex than prosecutors, defenders, judges, and juries may realize. An examiner's certainty may not be the same as a reasonable degree of scientific certainty. In the discussion, Mr. Curtin will highlight the kinds of questions that can help to understand the foundations and limits of conclusions offered through computer analysis.


The COACDL is part of a national association that encourages a rational and humane criminal justice policy—one that promotes fairness for all; due process for all accused of wrongdoing; compassion for witnesses and victims of crime; and just punishment for the guilty. For more information visit

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