Crypto War II: Protecting the Infrastructure

COLUMBUS, OHIO---On April 15, 2015, Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin issues a call to action to security professionals: recognize the threat, take responsibility for defense, and exercise the right to use strong technology to protect the infrastructure.

During the 1990s, private security professionals and government agencies waged a battle over the control of cryptographic technology known generally as the Crypto Wars. Recent statements by the Director of the FBI James Comey, President Obama, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron indicate that we are headed into another Crypto War, where governments want to be able to compel private citizens and organizations to allow access to their information on the power of a warrant. With private organizations suffering expensive and embarrassing data breach incidents and government agencies working to undermine security in Internet standards and US companies' products, a path forward to protecting US critical infrastructure must be charted. This presentation highlights critical aspects of the 1990s Crypto Wars, and presents the proper role of government and private security professionals for securing the United States against its enemies.

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