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Interhack Interhack News News 2014 Putting the Science in Computer Science: Applications from Boardrooms to Courtrooms

Putting the Science in Computer Science: Applications from Boardrooms to Courtrooms

(Columbus, OH)--On March 26, 2014, Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin will discuss rigorous scientific analysis of computer data and technology for high-impact situations with Franklin University's Choose Ohio First scholarship program participants. Drawing upon his own experience as a consulting computer scientist, Curtin will identify opportunities to assess and respond rationally in the face of difficult situations.

In the first section, Curtin will introduce listeners to the world of litigation, where companies and individuals respond to court orders to isolate, collect, analyze, and present information. He will specifically discuss the role that his firm has in the process and what the firm expects from its employees. The discussion will focus on tactical considerations, the ability to get the job done under sometimes daunting circumstances.

Then he will look at the matter of data breaches. Companies suffering from data breaches are still drawn into high-profile and expensive measures for identifying, remediating, and reporting on attacks. How can companies effectively navigate their way through a world of uncertainty? Curtin will present his firm's research in the area that addresses the question of what is most likely to create a reportable breach incident on a per-industry basis.

Moving on, Curtin will discuss criminal prosecution and defense. How do police investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and courts work their way through the data when the evidence and the data are electronic? Curtin will show how lack of care can lead to false conclusions that can have terrible consequences for the integrity of the legal system.

Finally, Curtin will show how the single standard of rigorous scientific analysis allows technologists to communicate more effectively with  nonspecialists to help impact decisions.

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Interhack is a computer expert firm founded in 2000. The firm supports clients throughout the United States in handling computer security incidents, building security programs, and developing expert opinions on technology and its meaning for matters coming to courtrooms and boardrooms. Interhack can be found online at