Computer Security: Is Anyone Safe?

If our largest companies and government agencies can have their information compromised, is there anything that individuals can do to protect themselves? Interhack Founder Matt Curtin discusses computer security with Kevin Wall "Live and Local" (Las Vegas) on the air.

There is no silver bullet that makes all security problems go away. We invest in computer systems to improve our productivity. We gain benefits from economy of scale and the ability to move information easily. We also take on risk, and from time to time we see failure. Sometimes that failure is in the exposure of information meant to be kept private. What can an individual do to keep safe?

In discussing the topic with Kevin Wall, host of "Live and Local" on KXNT Las Vegas, Interhack Founder Matt Curtin says that there are things individuals can do. "We have heard that there's no such thing as a free lunch," Curtin argues. "So when we're online it's helpful to remember that if someone is offering us something we need to understand its cost. That cost might include personal information. If we don't know the organization that wants our information it might be best for us to take our business somewhere we can trust. Secondly, just as our cars need to be fueled and to have oil changed and other maintenance performed, we need to do the same for our computers in the form of patches and anti-malware systems."

Ultimately the point of security is to make the bad guys need to put more effort into the attack than it's worth to them. Even the most determined attacker can't keep his black hat business going if it costs him $1000 to steal $1000.

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