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Successfully Handling Data Breaches

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Columbus, OH—Interhack Scientist Matt Curtin presents Successfully Handling Data Breaches at the State of Ohio Cyber-Security Awareness Event on October 2, 2012. Data breaches make headlines. They can damage a meticulously maintained brand. They can lead to costly litigation. While best avoided, Matt shows that breaches can be rendered much less damaging by a thoughtful, well-executed response. 

Steps to Successful Data Breach Response
  • Ensure that legal owns the issue and drives its resolution—not IT.
  • Engage counsel.
  • Engage an expert through counsel—working for you, not Visa.
  • Engage incident response team.
  • Establish schedule.

Matt discussed Interhack's taxonomy for classifying data loss incidents and breach report analysis Using Science to Combat Data Loss: Analyzing Breaches by Type and Industry. He described how to apply the study's findings and presented two case studies regarding a massive denial of service attack and a data breach in the cloud. Attendees took home Matt's article Incident Handling: When the Breach Occurs.

Matt is the Founder of Interhack Corporation. As a forensic computing expert, he analyzes information technology and electronic stored information to answer questions that arise in adjudication. He has appeared as an expert witness in both civil and criminal cases, dealing with everything from electronic discovery to assessment of information technology in practice.

About Interhack

Interhack aids executives and attorneys facing challenges and opportunities involving the use of information. We perform security assessments, provide incident response programs and services to work with data in legal proceedings. Our work is used to find the right questions to ask and the best answers science can provide. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Interhack supports clients nationwide. Additional information about Interhack is available at