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Social Media: A Frontier of Evidence

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Columbus, OH—Interhack Director Mason Evans presents the keynote speech Social Media: A Frontier of Evidence at the at the Emerging Trends in Fraud Investigation & Prevention Conference in Columbus, Ohio on May 21, 2012. Regarding social media, Mason discusses the implications for evidence, how proper records for evidentiary purposes can be created, and what pitfalls should be avoided.

Busted Again: How Social Media Uncovered Violation of Court Order
When forensic analysis of computer systems established that a former employee took a company's internal information for his use in joining a competing firm, he had little choice but to settle with his former employer and to abide by an order preventing him from talking to his former employer's customers. When he violated the court's order, social media showed it happening. This case study shows how social media can be an important source of information in investigations and enforcement.

Mason also presented an Interhack case study in use of social media data in litigation in a breakout session Busted Again: How Social Media Uncovered Violation of Court Order

Mason is the Director of Interhack's Electronic Discovery Practice. He organizes Interhack's computer science expertise to address the electronic discovery market consistent with the Interhack experience—expert consultation and opinion, artfully delivered. Mason is a seasoned trial attorney and continues to serve as counsel to the Civil Rules Committee of the Ohio Supreme Court's Commission on the Rules of Practice and Procedure in Ohio Courts. He is also the principal author of the 2008 electronic discovery amendments to the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure.

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