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Interhack Interhack News News 2012 Interhack Presents at Contingency Planners of Ohio (CPO) Annual Conference

Interhack Presents at Contingency Planners of Ohio (CPO) Annual Conference

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Columbus, OH—Interhack Founder C. Matthew Curtin and Sr. Specialist Shawn Sines present “Maintaining Security During a Crisis” at the Contingency Planners of Ohio (CPO) Annual Conference to be held Oct 15-16, 2012, at The Conference Center at OCLC in Dublin, Ohio. The theme of the 2012 Business Survival and Recovery Conference is Standards and Improvements.  Mr. Curtin and Mr. Sines discuss the risks of failing to include internal and external information security experts in your response and the value of running drills to establish corporate "muscle memory" during crisis. They also provide tips for ensuring a contingency plan that can stand up to scrutiny when future litigation is a possibility, including sharing case law where resilience response shortcomings led to legal penalties once the crisis passed.

Matthew Curtin is the Founder of Interhack Corporation, a professional services firm providing computer expertise for use in adjudication. Applications of computer science for legal matters include data analysis, investigations, electronic discovery, and expert witness testimony. Mr. Curtin himself has appeared as an expert witness in both civil and criminal cases.  Since 1999, Mr. Curtin has maintained a regular academic appointment as a Lecturer at The Ohio State University's Department of Computer Science and Engineering, teaching courses in the Common Lisp programming language and operating system implementation as well as authoring two books.

As a Senior Specialist at Interhack, Shawn Sines uses his diverse experience in media relations, writing, and the management of information security and information technology to connect technical production work to analysis and presentation. Shawn joined Interhack from The Ohio State University, where he was responsible from everything from outreach to project management for information security in the Office of the Chief Information Officer. His previous experience includes work at the Dispatch Printing Company and the United States Marine Corps. 

Since 1986, Contingency Planners of OHIO (CPO), a not-for-profit association, has focused on continuity of operations, disaster recovery, information security, and resiliency. Members share knowledge and experiences to proactively prepare for interruptions that affect corporations, customers, and communities.

About Interhack

Interhack aids executives and attorneys facing challenges and opportunities involving the use of information.  We perform security and privacy assessments, as well as services to work with data in legal proceedings.  Our work is used to find the right questions to ask and the best answers science can provide.  Based in Columbus, Ohio, Interhack supports clients all over North America.  Additional information about Interhack is available at