Online Seminar: Health Care Incident Response

Computer science expert Matt Curtin shows how to apply results of Interhack's original, published data loss research to health care organizations preparing for data incidents, including litigation holds and electronic discovery.

Columbus, OH—Incidents in healthcare come from many sources: malicious software, insiders, attackers, and even attorneys bringing litigation. Preparation is the key to avoiding and losing costly battles. Computer security expert Matt Curtin shows how to apply results of Interhack's original, published data loss research Using Science to Combat Data Loss: Analysis of Breaches by Type and Industry to health care organizations desiring to prepare. 

The Nebraska Hospital Association hosts the online seminar on September 19, 2011. Chief Information Officers, Directors of Information Systems, General Counsel, and others with responsibility for handling incidents will find the seminar extremely instructive. 

Attendees will learn how

  1. to identify critical issues arising in a particular incident, 
  2. to prepare the organization for handling incidents properly, and
  3. to demonstrate the ability to work through incidents.

Through the expert consulting and litigation support practice he leads at Interhack, Curtin regularly appears as an expert witness in criminal, civil, and administrative matters, showing how scientific analysis can be used to answer questions about technology and electronically stored information. Many of those matters revolve around data breaches, and Curtin frequently opines as to the privacy of data and how well the host organization was fulling it's duty to secure that privacy. He is also a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. 


Anyone may create an account and register for the Web seminar at the Web site. The cost is $195 per connection. An unlimited number of people may attend a single connection—excellent for enterprises and healthcare and hospital associations. 

For assistance with the online seminar, please contact 

Jon Borton, Vice President, Educational Services 

Nebraska Hospital Association 

3255 Salt Creek Circle, Suite 100 

Lincoln, NE 68504 

(402) 742-8147 


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