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Health Care Incident Response

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Columbus, OH—Interhack Founder Matthew Curtin returns to HIMSS Annual Conference in February 2011 to discuss data breach incident response in the health care industry. Curtin presents Healthcare Incident Response at 8:30AM EST on February 22 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. 

As information security and litigation both place demands on the organization to preserve and to produce critical data for analysis, the sensitivity of information such as patient records presents a variety of challenges. In the course of handling electronic discovery, security breaches, and other unplanned events, practitioners observe common issues that can help organizations to do a better job of responding to unplanned events. 

In responding to an incident, the relevant data must first be identified, as well as requirements for use of the data, then methods for preservation of the data. Data preservation methods bring with them certain consequences that may affect other classes of information. Managing information under such circumstances becomes paramount, to ensure that the correct information gets to the people who need it to make critical decisions while at the same time protecting the privacy of confidential and otherwise protected information. 

Fast-moving and high-stakes situations are no time for improvising methods to address known issues. Decisions made in the moment will be judged with 20/20 hindsight potentially years after the fact. 

In the approach we recommend, organizations need to prepare methods for handling incidents that include triage of incident type, methods to scramble the correct groups of people, and tested tools and techniques to address the issues raised by the situation. 

We present specific items for organizations to ensure that they have included in their incident response plans, unique to healthcare. 

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