Information Security: Friend or Foe?

Interhack releases Information Security: Friend or Foe?, an introduction to information security for the health care industry.

January 7, 2003---Interhack releases a new white paper, "Information Security: Friend or Foe?" The document is intended to introduce readers in the health care industry to information security as a business problem.

With HIPAA's privacy rule starting to be enforced in April 2003, and a final security rule expected to be issued soon, there is a critical need for an understanding of information assurance in the health care industry.

As part of Interhack's efforts to support the OHIOforEDI security working group, Matt Curtin has written, "Information Security: Friend or Foe?" This document is intended to provide an introduction to information security, providing background helpful to understanding HIPAA rules' requirements for information confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The document is available free of charge from the Interhack web site, in PDF.

About OHIO for EDI

O.H.I.O. for EDI is a statewide volunteer collaborative effort of public and private organizations providing assistance to the Ohio health care industry in HIPAA implementation. Recently organized, O.H.I.O. for EDI consists of state and federal agencies, professional associations, health plans and other private organizations.

O.H.I.O. for EDI is a regional affiliate of the Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP). It consists of an Executive Committee that sets the strategic direction of the organization, and six implementation committees including Communications, EDI Transactions, Education, Legal & Standards, Privacy, and Security. O.H.I.O. for EDI extends an invitation to any organization impacted by HIPAA.

About Interhack

Interhack is a provider of a wide variety of information assurance and forensic computing services. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Interhack started as a security and privacy research group in 1997, and has grown into a full-service consulting organization with clients all over North America. Interhack can be found on the web at and by phone at +1 614 545 HACK.