Securing our Community

Interhack founder C. Matthew Curtin presents "Coding for Community" at the CBusStudent Hack event organized by Franklin University.

Joining the kickoff of an event for high school students from central Ohio to organize and to develop apps, Curtin highlights that development is far more than writing code.

The effect of writing code and having others use the systems we build is making, enabling others to do things they couldn't before. Open source coding is sharing, showing not only result but method for addressing problems. It's freedom, empowering individuals—if developers have the courage to resist building tools for tyrants.

About the CBus Student Hack

The CbusStudentHack – Coding for Community is a 2-month programming contest for central Ohio high school students. Participants will work in teams to create an app that addresses a real-world problem within the year’s theme, which for 2020 is Securing Our Community. More information is available at

About Interhack

Columbus-based Interhack is a computer expert firm with practices in cybersecurity and forensic computing. With a nationwide practice, the firm's experts provide the best answers that computer science can offer to hard problems that arise in computer system operations and adjudication of disputes with electronic information. The firm is dedicated to the development of the profession and supports university and other educational opportunities for those looking to enter the field. Interhack can be found online at