Interhack Analyst Speaks About Security at Nonprofit Conference

(October 15, 2010) Analyst Lee Ayres participates in panel helping companies learn how to secure the privacy of protected information in a nonprofit setting.

Columbus, OH—Interhack Senior Analyst Lee Ayres participates in a panel discussion about information security in a nonprofit setting at the GroundWork Group 5th Annual Central Ohio Nonprofit IT Conference on Friday October 15, 2010. Ayres helps business leaders to see beyond the technology and to use business and legal resources to secure protected information processed in a low budget setting.

Ayres draws on experience helping companies both to prevent and to respond to data loss incidents. He also helps attorneys in litigation understand how to make use of systems and data available to them as evidence.  

Ayres is co-author of the study Using Science to Combat Data Loss: Analyzing Breaches by Type and IndustryIn the study, Ayres and co-auther C. Matthew Curtin propose a taxonomy for classifying data loss incidents with public information.  Examining publicized data breaches by type and industry, they find significant results for Finance, Education, Public Administration, and Health Care. The research is published in Volume 4, Issue 3 (Winter 2008–09) of I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society, an interdisciplinary journal of research and commentary, concentrating on the intersection of law, policy, and information technology.

About Interhack

Interhack aids executives and attorneys facing challenges and opportunities involving the use of information.  We perform security and privacy assessments, as well as services to work with data in legal proceedings.  Our work is used to find the right questions to ask and the best answers science can provide.  Based in Columbus, Ohio, Interhack supports clients all over North America.  Additional information about Interhack is available at