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Data Breach: Staying Out of the Headlines

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How can business leaders use science to stay out of the headlines? Interhack Founder and OSU Lecturer Matt Curtin addresses the Fisher College of Business Breakfast Club on February 5, 2010. Using the Interhack Breach Taxonomy and Interhack's latest data breach research, Curtin shows how fact-based analysis helps prevent data breaches.

Data breaches make front page headlines and move stock prices. Information security is no longer an issue for the IT department. The media runs quotes from government officials on the adequacy of security programs. Fines are levied. The breached entities get subpoenas, rather than sympathy. Customers and boards of directors demand better performance. Listen as one noted national voice analyzes actual breach events to outline a pragmatic approach to both the policy and technical controls needed for effective information security. 

The Fisher Breakfast Club meets at the Blackwell Inn at 7:15AM on Friday February 5, 2010. Interested readers may register from the Fisher College web site.

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