Electrons Are the New Paper

Interhack founder Matt Curtin speaks to attorneys at the Lake County Bar Association in Painesville, Ohio, on the topic Electrons Are the New Paper.

On May 28, 2008, Interhack founder Matt Curtin speaks to the Lake County Bar Association in Painesville, Ohio, on the topic, Electrons Are the New Paper.


Paper has endured as information technology for millennia, recording and preserving much of the foundation of our societies, and specifically our legal systems. The legal process has developed methods for making sense of information presented on paper documents. Much of the information we have available today, however, is electronic. Adjudication requires an understanding of the technology used to manage information. How is information stored, processed, and transmitted in the electronic information systems of today? How does the Internet support today's information management? What can be learned from forensic examination of information systems?

After dealing with the fundamentals of electronic information and computing technology, Curtin discusses applications from his own own experience as a forensic computer scientist. The case studies serve to solidify the audience's understanding of the critical elements of electronic information, and to develop sound intuition on how to make sense of findings presented by experts and technical fact witnesses.

About Interhack

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Interhack Corporation is a professional services firm with clients all over North America. Founded in 1997 by a team of information security researchers, Interhack accepted the mission to make global computing and communications infrastructures worthy of trust. Interhack's two practice areas, Information Assurance and Forensic Computing, support that mission.  Interhack is a supporting member of The Usenix Association. Additional information about Interhack is available at web.interhack.com.