Sourcing Magazine Highlights OutsourcedIT Success

Interhack's information assurance service for small business is featured in SourcingMag.

Just like large enterprises, small businesses need information assurance. Without appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and availability, information is useless.

With this in mind, Interhack began to pilot a service for delivering effective information assurance to small business called OutsourcedIT. Critical elements of the program include a flat monthly fee for management of the infrastructure and a security program to back it up, meeting regulatory and market requirements.

In an article by Gary M. Stern, SourcingMag considers an OutsourcedIT success story. The article begins:

When you read about how IT outsourcing can transform an organization to make it run leaner and more efficiently, do you just naturally assume it involves some gigantic Fortune 500 multi-national that has just signed a multi-million dollar, multi-year contract after going through months of deliberation, strategic consulting and contract negotiations? The fact is that smart outsourcing can help small companies be transformed too. And forget about all that deep thinking the big companies say they do. Small operators—like the subject of our case study—can succeed with little more than a few weeks of consideration.
Like many small businesses, Tri-Source Title Agency, a real-estate title company in Columbus, Ohio, wanted to keep its IT costs down and never really considered outsourcing. But when its Windows-based file server started crashing three times a day in 2002, President Richard Blair was spending more time fixing IT problems than managing his staff and doing title work. In addition, its IT costs were rising because of repeated service calls from IKON, its leasing agent, which charged a fee per visit. Mr. Blair realized that outsourcing IT services might boost the firm's bottom-line in the long run. “Band-Aid fixes weren't working,” he acknowledged.

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