Interhack sponsors the HIPAA Road Map in Columbus, Ohio

Interhack will exhibit at the HIPAA Road Map in Columbus, Ohio.

Interhack is proud to sponsor the 2003 HIPAA Road Map in Columbus, Ohio on January 13-15, 2003. Bringing its information assurance expertise to bear on the problems facing the health care industry, Interhack is giving the power to prevent embarrassing and potentially costly failures to protect health information to its owners and custodians.

Interhack has recently organized several of its key offerings into a comprehensive set of services for enforcing HIPAA's privacy and (proposed) security rules. Interhack's services employ the best available methodologies developed and recognized by the U.S. Government (including NIST and NSA) along with an uncommon understanding of computer and information security. Interhack's clients understand not only what they intend to do with their information, but how well they're protecting that information against relevant threats.

Through all of the technology and buzzwords, Information assurance is basically a matter of saying what you do and doing what you say. Interhack's Health Information Assurance services help its health care industry clients do more than avoid HIPAA compliance problems. Interhack's Health Information Assurance services help health care providers earn and maintain patients' trust.

For more information, see the Interhack Information Assurance web site or contact Interhack.

About Interhack

Columbus, Ohio-based Interhack is a provider of a variety of services supporting Internet privacy, security, and forensic computing. Interhack's research has been featured all over the world in the media, university courses, and corporate training programs. Interhack's clients come from all over North America, across a wide variety of industries.