Forensic Computing Training, June 2003

In partnership with Garcia & Associates, Interhack presents its course on Forensic Computing in Columbus, Ohio.

In conjunction with Garcia & Associates, LLC, Interhack proudly presents its training course in forensic computing, presented by experts working in Interhack's own forensic computing practice.

This course is designed for information technology professionals who likely have three or more years industry experience, and a solid understanding of operating systems. If you are currently in a position that requires you or your team to be a first responder, this course is for you. The curriculum will allow professionals to "hit the ground running", without being tied to a particular tool or methodology. Assessing a situation, taking appropriate steps to ensure your firm's management team is positioned to handle a situation correctly, and recognizing events that dictate the requirement for outside expertise--time critical and sensitive requirements that can have ramifications on the success of a firm.

Presented in four modules, the course covers what forensic computing is, how to conduct electronic discovery, how to analyze data collected, and a final project where students will put what they have just learned to work. Designed as a hands-on laboratory course, class sizes will be no larger than ten students, (a 1:5 instructor/student ratio), allowing for maximum interaction with the instructor and among students as they work through six different exercises over the two day period. Students are expected to be familiar with operating systems and networking technology. Backgrounds in IP networking, Unix, and Windows operating systems will be most applicable to the in-class exercises and examples given, but professionals with backgrounds in other systems should have little difficulty relating the coursework to their specific environments.

This course will be held at Platform Labs, 1275 Kinnear Road, Columbus, Ohio. Cost for this class will be $1995, with $250 discounts available to members of Infragard, ISSA, or ISACA.