Joseph Re Jr.

Account Manager, Interhack Corporatoin

Joseph Re Jr. joined Interhack Corporation in the spring of 2012 as Account Manager. Joe is responsible for business development. He is primarily focused on matching the needs of corporate clients to Interhack's expertise in the areas of information assurance and incident response.

Before joining Interhack, Joe made his career on Wall Street by joining the Jefferies & Company's nascent Investment Technology Group (ITG). Over the course of more than a decade, ITG pioneered the development of systems designed to make the trading of equity securities efficient for institutional investors. During this time, Joe was actively involved in growing the business to a point where it became a standalone company and then later when it accounted for three percent of the total U.S. stock market value.

As a Senior Vice President for Institutional Sales & Trading, Joe was primarily responsible for client relationship management. In that role, he worked to provide value to clients through products and services that were always designed and offered in a way that aligned ITG's interests strictly with those of its clients.

Joe completed his undergraduate education at Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences where he earned a BA in Economics. He then enrolled at The Ohio State University where he received an MS in Computer and Information Science from the College of Engineering.