Incident Response

When an Interhack team conducts direct action response.

Cybersecurity incidents have two identical elements in nearly every case: potentially high organizational impact and urgency. This is neither the time to push your own staff through an unknown and untested process to bring about resolution, nor the time to work with outsiders who do not have experience operating under these conditions.

  • Data breach
  • Stolen information
  • Accidental disclosure
  • Employment matters
  • Internal investigations
  • Computer compromise
  • Regulatory compliance

With experience supporting clients responding to incidents including litigation dating back to the firm's founding in 2000, Interhack has the experience to help the organization respond properly to a crisis.

The first order of business is to contact us, providing details like any opposing parties and counsel involved, to ensure that we are clear of conflicts. We will then move quickly to get you on a phone conference led by one of our experts to understand the situation, your objectives, and to develop a plan for response. After that call, we will follow up to secure the engagement and authorization to begin the operation.

Our operations in the early stages tend to focus on needs like identifying and preserving critical information, analyzing critical data sources, regaining control of systems, and stopping egress of sensitive information. Our procedures are designed to achieve these objectives while ensuring that we also preserve as many options as possible for our clients.

Working as part of a multi-organization or multi-agency incident response team? No problem. All members of our incident response teams carry certifications in the Incident Command System (ICS) and are experienced conducting such operations.

Give us a call and see how Interhack can help you defend your organization and restore normal service.