Network Traffic Assessment

What is on your network?

Network Traffic Assessment helps you be sure that your network is supporting your operation, and only your operation. Our report shows you what information you have on your network, where it was found, and provides you guidance to align your systems with your expectation. As part of Interhack's Cybersecurity system, Network Traffic Assessment also provides valuable input to Information Security Program Assessment, Penetration Testing, and Application Security Evaluation.

We begin by identifying the goals of the assessment, including which parts of your network to include in scope and what information we need to identify what should be there. We collect raw network data over a period of hours, days, or weeks, depending on your need. Having collected the data we then thoroughly examine the data for confidential information such as payment card data, social security numbers, and passwords. We also analyze protocol use to find backchannels, malware, and other nasty surprises.

Whether you need to get your network under control or just to verify that your systems are behaving as you expect, contact us to find out how Interhack can help you.