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Introduction to Forensic Computing

Volume 3, 2006 of Control, the journal of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) includes a feature article by Matt Curtin, “Introduction to Forensic Computing.”

The article defines “forensic computing” the use of computers or analysis of computer data for use in legal argumentation. Common activities such as electronic discovery, data recovery, and forensic analysis are discussed.

Drawing from Curtin's own practice as a forensic computer scientist, the article covers three cases that demonstrate how forensic analysis of computer data have been interpreted by police and the courts. These cases show both the power and the limitations of the use of data in legal proceedings.

Finally, the article discusses the need to build forensic computing capabilities within organizations of almost all sizes and types, as legal proceedings and compliance are ultimately a part of doing business. Understanding the organization's legal context, operational needs, and internal capabilities form the basis of a successful effort to building capability into an organization.

The article is available for download.

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Interhack is a pioneering professional services firm, active in security and privacy research, with a forensic computing practice that has been involved in cutting-edge litigation on electronic privacy matters.

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