Thinking About the Box

Joining the Ohio Department of Education's itWORKS.OHIO Conference, Matt Curtin will present on secondary and postsecondary educational needs for students of information technology.

Interhack's Matt Curtin will present on the educational needs for students headed toward careers in information technology at the Ohio Department of Education's itWORKS.OHIO Conference in Columbus, Ohio, on April 5, 2005.


Careers in information technology today are diverse. Yet successful information technologists -- whether working primarily on business applications, networking, software, or even hardware -- have one thing in common: the ability to go beyond their own discipline, or as some might have it, to think “outside the box.” How can students be prepared for a career that both depends on understanding a discipline without being constrained by it? We will discuss “the box” in light of the speaker's own career that has spanned data processing, systems development, research, education, and consulting in fourteen years.


itWORKS.OHIO is a broad-based educational response to Ohio's need for a skilled information technology workforce. The Joint Council of the Ohio Board of Regents and the State Board of Education developed the Ohio Information Technology Competency Profile, which provides guidance for IT training in the state, and is the framework supporting itWORKS.OHIO.

About Interhack

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