Ferreting Out Spyware

Bill Anderson works with WBNS-10TV to help Central Ohio computer users ferret out spyware.

Interhack works with WBNS-10TV in Columbus on a “10 Investigates” segment on spyware. Interhack's INFOSEC Specialist Bill Anderson performed diagnostic and analysis work on several central Ohio users' machines pro bono as part of the investigation.

At the most fundamental level, spyware is a variety of malicious software intended to collect information about the user or the user's activity. Notes from a presentation on the topic given by Interhack's Matt Curtin are available online: “Spying on Spyware”.

The 10 Investigates segment "Ferreting Out Spyware" ran on Monday, November 22, and may still be available online from the WBNS-10TV Web site.

About Interhack

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