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Spying on Spyware

C. Matthew Curtin, CISSP
Interhack Corporation


Millions of computer users are being watched, not just by employers and auditors, but by the software that they use---frequently without their knowledge or consent. This “spyware” has become the center of the personal privacy debate.

What exactly is spyware? How does it work? What is its impact on users---and the businesses that employ them?

Interhack's Internet Privacy Project has been pioneering the dissection and documentation of spyware since 1999.

A whitepaper covering this topic is available online: Spying on Spyware

About Interhack

Interhack is a professional services firm, providing authoritative and expert guidance in information assurance and forensic computing. Based in Columbus, Interhack helps clients all over North America find the right balance of risk, utility, and expense in their information management efforts. Interhack's work has been cited by Federal courts, formal legal and scientific literature, Federal government recommendations for information security, and the media throughout the world.


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