Interhack at OHIMA HIPAA Security Preparedness for HIM Seminar

The Ohio Health Information Management Association will hold its HIPAA Security seminar near downtown Columbus, including a presentation by Interhack's Matt Curtin.

Interhack founder Matt Curtin will present at the November 12, 2004 Ohio Health Information Management Association seminar, “HIPAA Security Preparedness for HIM.” The event will be held at the Confluence Park Restaurant near downtown Columbus. Curtin will present “HIPAA Security: Making HIM Work” at 9:00 a.m.

HIM professionals have a new ally in their efforts to manage health information effectively: the HIPAA Security Rule. Information security is often misunderstood as a technical problem focused on issues like firewalls and anti-virus systems, when it is really a tool for organizations to understand how to achieve their missions in the face of threat. The HIPAA Security Rule correctly begins with a definition and assessment of risk, which allows each organization to decide for itself how best to implement the remainder of the Security Rule. Health information managers are now presented with a unique opportunity to look at what information is in their care and how best to deliver it, all while providing appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


The Ohio Health Information Management Association (OHIMA) is Ohio's professional health care organization of over 1700 credentialed specialists in the field of health information management. OHIMA is a non-profit, component state association affiliated with the 37,000-member American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

About Interhack

Interhack is a pioneering provider of information assurance, forensic computing, and Outsourced IT services to a wide variety of clients all over North America. Interhack's unparalleled expertise in privacy and security theory and practice is now available to the healthcare industry in its Infomation Assurance services, which include HIPAA Security rule implementation.