Interhack Extends Introductory Pricing on HIPAA Compliance Program

Introductory pricing on HIPAA Compliance Programs extended to February 29, 2004.

Columbus, Ohio (January 1, 2004) -- Interhack has extended its introductory pricing on its HIPAA Compliance Programs through February 29, 2004. Originally set to expire at the end of 2003, the introductory pricing program helps clients in health care engage Interhack's highly regarded information security experts at the beginning of their Security Rule compliance initiatives.

“Many in the health care industry simply were not planning for HIPAA Security Rule implementation in 2003,” commented Matt Curtin, Interhack's Chief Executive Officer. “With the Rule released in final form in February, many organizations had to wait nearly an entire year for budgetary support. By extending our introductory pricing, we're allowing more organizations to take advantage of our incentive,” Curtin concluded.

The introductory pricing applies to Interhack's Information Assurance Services. Interhack's Information Assurance programs have been used to help organizations of all sizes across a wide variety of industries to align their business objectives, tolerance for risk, and information technology efforts to bring about the right balance of utility, risk, and expense.

Among the offerings in Interhack's Health Information Assurance program are Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Information Security Assessment, Technical Security Evaluation, and the HIPAA Security Guidance Manual. Each of these is designed to bring maximum benefit to the covered entity, securing information in a rational manner consistent with the organization's business objectives while achieving HIPAA Security Rule compliance.

More information on Interhack's Health Information Assurance program and Interhack's free HIPAA Security Rule implementors' forum is available on the Interhack web site at

About Interhack

Columbus-based Interhack is a professional services firm with practice areas in Information Assurance, Forensic Computing, and Outsourced Information Technology. Started in 1997 as an information security research organization, Interhack is well-known for its security research publications, which are cited by Universities, standards organizations, and media worldwide. With clients from many industries all across North America, Interhack has been bringing its expertise to bear on specific business problems for its clients since 2000.