eWEEK Anti-Spam e-Seminar

Interhack's Matt Curtin will discuss battling spam with message authentication at the eWEEK Anti-Spam eSeminar.

Interhack's Matt Curtin will speak at "Strengthening Anti-Spam Defenses with Message Authentication," an online seminar by eWEEK.

Curtin will be joining Peter Coffee from eWEEK, Cameron Sturdevant from eWEEK Labs, and John Veizades from Mirapoint to discuss an increasingly popular strategy to reduce unwanted unsolicited email: message authentication.

The seminar will run for one hour beginning at 2 p.m. on September 20, 2004.


The most promising new weapon in the fight against spam e-mail is message authentication, which holds spammers' feet to the fire and will likely slow the growth of spam to corporate e-mail boxes.

Join eWEEK and a panel of technology experts for this 60-minute eSeminar, and explore how e-mail authentication can benefit (and cost) the enterprise. This anti-spam eSeminar will help you get a leg up on:

  • Sender Policy Framework
  • Domain Keys and other authentication proposals, including when systems using these techniques will become available and how to evaluate them when they do

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