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Common Myths on Common Lisp

KIEV, Ukraine. The Second Annual Open Source Developers Network (OSDN) conference as held on September 27, 2003. This conference for Developers and Users of Free Software covered the topic, "Practical Use and Applications of Free Software in Ukraine."

Lviv-based Interhacker Eugene Sandulenko presented, "Common Myths on Common Lisp," discussing the use of the Common Lisp programming language in Interhack's own professional services and applications development businesses.

About OSDN Ukraine

OSDN (Open Source Development Network) Ukraine is the Ukrainian affiliate of OSDN, the most dynamic community-driven media network on the Web. OSDN publishes two world-renowned networks of Web sites: the OSDN technology network, and the MediaBuilder network. OSDN delivers more than 160 million page views and reaches 9 million unique visitors per month.

About Interhack

Interhack is a provider of information assurance and forensic computing solutions. Interhack's offerings include trustworthy software development and related services, using the most sophisticated tools available. Interhack can be found on the Web at

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