Privacy Still Matters

Privacy Still Matters. A Harris Interactive poll finds that 91% of consumers would do more business with firms whose privacy policies are certified.

With so much concern about safety and security today, many have assumed that privacy no longer matters.

The fact is that privacy is more important today than it ever has been. Consumers are indeed concerned about their safety and security. Their behavior has shown that their concern about these issues continues to increase.

Confirming these assertions is a Harris Interactive poll conducted November 5-11, 2001. Results summarized below.

62% Independent verification would mollify concerns

85% Policy certification should be required

91% Would do more business with companies whose privacy policies were certified.

83% Would stop doing business with a company if they heard or read that it was misusing customer information

 So now the question becomes: what are you doing to show your customers that you hear them?

Interhack Privacy Assessments

No late-comer to the privacy party, Interhack has been actively studying privacy in deployed systems since its 1997 inception. With numerous technical reports published, worldwide media coverage, and expert testimony used in rulings on privacy cases, Interhack understands privacy like no other firm can.

Interhack's privacy assessment methodology will tell you precisely what you need to know about how your Internet applications are affecting the privacy of your users, and whether you're doing what you tell your customers you're doing.

Don't wait for your company to become the next headline.

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