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Interhack Sponsors Privacy2001

Today, Interhack announces its sponsorship of Privacy2001, the conference for bridging the gaps among the needs of business, government, consumers, and privacy advocates. Subtitled "Information, Security & Ethics in the New Century", the conference will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 2-4, 2001.

The message we're bringing to this conference, adapted from the Cypherpunk mantra, is "good implementations over good intentions". All of this discussion about consumer privacy, privacy policies, and what qualifies as "personal information" is moot if we build the castle of privacy upon nothing. A maze of legislation and litigation will do nothing to stop the most dangerous of all privacy abuses: those designed to undermine our infrastructure and our society.

About Privacy2001

The Privacy2000 Conference Series bridges the gap between the needs of business and government, and the concerns of consumers and privacy advocates. The TPG does not promote a particular agenda, rather each year Privacy2000 brings together decision-makers and stakeholders from all sides of the privacy debate and allows participants the opportunity to interact with the experts. Privacy2000 is the nation's only privacy conference series based in the midwest. Because of its location and educational focus, Privacy2000 gives attendees serious, in-depth, candid discussions, not pre-packaged points of view.

Privacy2001 is designed for: business leaders and policymakers who need to know the privacy playing field decision makers on the front of lines of implementing policy and technology solutions marketing officers that need to know how to navigate privacy law and sell privacy as a competitive advantage concerned advocates and citizens and anyone facing an uncertain legal environment for workplace, consumer, medical, governmental and business privacy.

About Interhack

Interhack is the premier provider of strong privacy-aware solutions for business. While other firms' founders were trying to figure out how to form companies to make a buck off of the interest in privacy, our team was busy in the research and analysis that led to such discoveries as Netscape's "What's Related" privacy problems, DoubleClick's Opt-Out system failures, Toys 'R' Us's site visitor profiling, TRUSTe's privacy policy failure, and Bank One Online's insecure account number handling.

Interhack, a privately-held firm based in Columbus, Ohio with clients of all sizes throughout North America, can be found on the Web at

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