Release of rcpp-mode, an Emacs major mode for editing RESOLVE/C++ code.

rcpp-mode is a major editing mode for Emacs for programming in RESOLVE/C++. In essence, we have inherited c++-mode from the "CC Mode" package and added RESOLVE-isms.

A technical report is available, explaining the motivation for this code and implementation details.

Perhaps you will find the mode of use, or at least instructive to read. In either case, it is available for your perusal. Comments and feedback welcome.

Currently at revision 0.7, rcpp-mode.el is distributed as a single source file. To use this in your environment, either save this in a place that your load-path knows about or use load to evaluate the file explicitly.

Documentation is now available. The entire package, including source, documentation, and a Makefile to help the medicine go down can be downloaded as a single tarball.

RESOLVE/C++ is a project of the Reusable Software Research Group at The Ohio State University's Compute and Information Science Department. rcpp-mode was developed whilst employed there.

rcpp-mode is free software, copyrighted by the author under the terms of the GNU General Public License.