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Interhack Our People Wu-chi Feng, PhD

Wu-chi Feng, PhD

Visiting Scientist, Interhack Research Chair and Professor, Maseeh College Computer Science Department, Portland State University


Wu-chi Feng joined Interhack's Digital Media Project in May 2002, and is working to understand how anti-copying techniques impact content delivery.

At the Oregon Graduate Institute, Dr. Feng is an Associate Professor in the System Software Laboratory. His research interests include systems support for multimedia applications, video streaming protocols, multimedia networking, and scalable and adaptable video distribution infrastructures.

Dr. Feng maintains an extremely active schedule, including work on technical conference program committees, research, and teaching. He has been the recipient of several awards for service and research, including Lumley Research Accomplishment Award (2001) and Annual Research Accomplishment Award (2000), both from The Ohio State University College of Engineering, and the Early CAREER Award (1999) from National Science Foundation.


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