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Interhack Our People Doug Monroe

Doug Monroe

Adjunct Researcher/Interhacktivist, Interhack Research

A modern day Renaissance Man, Doug's career spans many years and many disciplines including forensic science, chemical engineering, material science, wireless technology, computer science and systems administration. He has worked in State Police crime labs, industrial chemical R&D facilities, and spent fourteen ever-changing years at Bell Labs. He is an innovative problem solver and holds seven U.S. patents (5719973, 5340016, 5234157, 5110335, 5039325, 4968339, and 4915716).

He is currently employed by a leading global financial management and advisory company.

Doug has a keen personal interest in privacy and data protection and is intent on exploring and exposing weaknesses in online systems and products. He is particularly adept at spotting undocumented or (ahem) "anomalous" behavior and activity in applications and logs, communicating and investigating them with his Interhack colleagues.

Doug has one beautiful wife, two fun-loving children, and three patience-testing computers. He enjoys cracking DES keys with his spare CPU time.


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