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Computer Scientist Shares Experience Rebutting Opposing Experts' Opinions

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Columbus, OH—On April 15, 2011, computer science expert C. Matthew Curtin presents Persuasively Rebutting Opposing Experts’ Opinions at SEAK National Expert Witness Conference in Naples, Florida.  Curtin explains the correct and incorrect ways to rebut an opposing expert’s opinions—both in a written report and when testifying at deposition and trial. He details best practices in analyzing an opposing expert’s report and preparing retaining counsel for cross-examination. Further, Curtin describes and explains how an expert can recognize and seize an opportunity to make his point when presented by an opposing expert and how to recognize when an opposing expert’s analysis is immaterial to the issue at hand. 

Curtin's career in expert litigation consulting and testimony was born in the late 1990s when counsel discovered his research about online privacy and security and began asking him to explain the meaning of electronic stored information in their own litigation. Application of the scientific rigor he was accustomed to in research served him and his clients well in the courtroom. 

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